Friday, July 8, 2011

Expression Design Slice Size Problems

Expression Design will sometimes...very annoyingly refuse to export slices or even whole images at the dimensions you specify.

To summarize some other pretty long blog threads here and here

The interesting part is...I can replicate this problem with a line (even if the lines boundaries are *exactly* at pixel boundaries), but if I have a rectangle that's positioned at exact pixel boundaries, the problem goes away.

The fix is:

  • Turn of anti-aliasing


  • If you can, use rectangles instead of lines


  • Move vector shapes away from the edges of your image/slice

If you have lines right at the edge of your image and you have anti-aliasing turned on -- Expression Design decides that anti-aliasing is more important than your dimensions....surely you don't want to waste all that anti-aliasing data outside the edges :-) *sigh*

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